Historical pictures

Black and white pictures from the early days of the layout.

A class 01 with Buchholz express train and a class 93 with local train from Lüneburg in the Seevetal just before Harburg.
The express train consisting of double-decker coaches has left Harburg for Lüneburg.
Intense activity at the freight station and depot Harburg.
A class 03 is turned on the turntable for the next trip.
A class T3 leaves the Harburg freight station, the 'Flying Hamburger' reaches the Harburg station soon.
A rail bus VT95 with single-axle trailer reaches Harburg station on track 5.
A railcar VT25 leaves Harburg station on track 2 in the direction of Buchholz/Lüneburg, double-decker coaches on track 5.
The 'Flying Hamburger' has arrived on track 2 in Harburg.
The Hmt interlocking is located at the point where the routes from Hamburg and Cuxhaven meets.
A little further in the direction of Hamburg, a small locomotive is on its way at the Hnt signal box. In the background the level crossing of the Hannoversche Straße, today there is a bridge here.
A TEE railcar VT11.5 drives through the flag stop Elbbrücke on the pillar railway in direction Hamburg.
The flag stop Elbbrücke at the beginning of the pillar railway.
A freight train with steam engine is waiting at the Signal in the main freigt yard, at that time there was no overhead line in Hamburg.
In the hidden yard there is a rail bus on the way to the railway station Lüneburg.
The 'Buchholz' railway station from the direction of the Seevetal, below on the right you can still see a small part of the Lüneburg line.
The control centre at the MeHeV interlocking