Railway vehicles

Here we show a small selection of our vehicles of our layout. Some of the vehicles are self-made. of our members, others originate from small series or from serial manufacturers.

DB Class 01, with Wagner wind deflectors, old building boiler and rivet tender, for express trains.
DB Class 03, with Wagner wind deflectors, old building boiler and rivet tender, for light express trains, here after refurbishing.
DB Class 24, a newcomer
Comparison of the new 'Series' class 24 with our older self-build model.
Class 45, with over 2000kW the most powerful steam locomotive of DRG/DB.
Class 50 with cabin tender (compartment for train attendant)
Class 55, at a small locomotive treatment plant it is made fit again for the next application.
Class 86, for regional and light freight trains.
Class 218, here the 218 217-8 with the then unique red/beige paint job for diesel locomotives, which it carried from 1974 to 2002 when it was put into service.
Class 220, DB's first modern large diesel locomotive.
Class 232, formerly class 132 of the DR, nickname 'Ludmilla', built in the Soviet Union in Luhansk.
Freight trains waiting for the exit.
High-speed railcar SVT 04 501
VT0508 of the OHE (Osthannoversche Eisenbahn), also known as 'Schweinchnäuzchen'(pig's nose) or 'Ameisenbär'(anteater).
A Klv61 catenary railcar in service at Hamburg-Harburg railway station.
A Klv53, the most common auxiliary vehicle for working on and off the track.
Container wagon series BRt10 with swap bodies that could be reloaded onto trucks
Flat wagon SSlma44 with crane boom, one of the oldest vehicles on our layout.
Flat wagon SSlm25 with a car body of the Hamburger Hochbahn.
Heavy duty wagon SSym46 with a small locomotive Kö 4962, behind it a trailer of the Hamburger Tram on another flat wagon.
Sliding wall wagon Habis with advertising of the company Viessmann.
Modern stake wagon Sgns, loaded with three large tubes.
another stakes wagon Sgns, also with tube loading
Vacuum cleaner wagon - like all model railways we have also problems by dust and dirt, in the do-it-yourself construction this 'mobile' vacuum cleaner developed.