The railway station Hamburg-Harburg is the core of the front part of the layout, this is where the tracks come from Buchholz, Lüneburg, Cuxhaven and Hamburg together, here freight trains to and from the port are assembled. In addition to a depot for the vehicles there are also smaller freight sheds.

An InterCity pulled by a class 101 enters track 1, while on track 3 there is a regional train with double-decker coaches and class 218.
The Schlachthofbrücke (Slaughterhouse Bridge) crosses the Harburg tracks to the south of the reception building, and has since been replaced by a new building
A class 01.10 departs from track 2 direction Buchholz.
The entire railway traffic is observed by our railway fans
A class 218 is ready for departure with a local train on track 3.
TEE railcar VT11.5 on its way to Hamburg passes Harburg station.
The TOUROPA passenger train with class 01 at the head stops unscheduled in Harburg, after short stay it goes further to Hamburg Altona.
On track 6 there is a local train with class 141 ready to depart for Cuxhaven
A class 91 on the way from Harburg to the harbour over the line direction Cuxhaven.
Another train leaves in the direction of Cuxhaven, under the Hannoversche Straße bridge, a track branches off to the Signal Master's Office and the goods shed:
The Cuxhaven railway station is hidden between the two parts of the layout.
True to the original, the fourth platform for the S-Bahn underground is located in Harburg.
Class 01.10 with an express train from Hamburg entering Harburg station.
The entrance of the station Harburg, a class 19 with express train approaches from direction Hamburg.
A class 94 and a class 82 (left) with their freight trains are waiting for the exit in the direction of Hamburg harbour and Hamburg main freight station.
A class 218 at the filling station in the Harburg railway depot.
The coaling crane of the railway depot Harburg, on the right a class 38.
The new turntable at the Harburg depot.
Two class 236s with their tank wagon train enter Harburg from the Elbe bridges.
In der Gegenrichtung ist eine BR50 mit ihrem Güterzug in den Hamburg Hafen unterwegs
There is a lot to do at the freight shed in Harburg.
Nach dem Umladen macht sich ein LKW mit Kohle auf den Weg in die Stadt
At the goods shed, a class 701 overhead line railcar is waiting for its next assignment.
The signal maintenance has a small workshop here.
A class 798 rail bus set is waiting for its next use.