Once & now

The pictures on the left were taken in the eighties of the last century. The central conductor, the high rails and the wooden railway sleepers are clearly visible - the tracks were self-built and were in operation until the middle of the nineties. On the right you can see the current installation from the same angles.

Class E41 in the Seevtal coming from direction Buchholz, in the background a passenger train in direction Lüneburg.

Modern local train with double-decker coaches, from Lüneburg is a class VT11.5 on the way to Harburg.

South of the railway station is the Harburg depot, class 19 in front on the left, class 74 in the background, on the turntable a class 24.

Due to the reconstruction 1994-1996 the track systems have changed a lot, the turntable has been renewed, the coal handling crane has been revised and both have been integrated into the system control.

Class 38 with compartment coaches arrives at Hamburg-Harburg station on platform 1

A class 19 with express train is waiting for the exit to the south, on Platform 3 an F train to Hamburg.

Again class 38, on platform 3 there is a battery-powered railcar ETA177 type Wittfeld.

There has been very little change directly at the platforms over time. Class 03 with wagons for maintenance and repair to Neumünster on platform 1 meets a VT11.5 on platform 3.

View from north to the station Hamburg-Harburg, among others with class 45, V200, VT98.

From this point of view, the missing central conductors and the modified track geometry due to the slimmer turnouts are clearly noticeable.

The 'Flying Hamburger' has passed the Süderelbbrücken and approaches Harburg, behind it a class V20.

A class 103 is waiting to enter Harburg station to continue its journey in the direction of Lüneburg.

Class 103 with express train shortly before the flag stop Elbbrücke, right below the lines to the main freight station.

An Interregio train, pulled by a class 103, passes through the flag stop Elbbrücke towards Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof.

The main freight station is in intense activity, the "glassy train" on the pillar railway.

Even today there are many trains in the main freight station, an 'anteater' is on a special trip, on the pillar railway a class 01.10 with a fast train.

View from the flag stop Oberhafen to the main freight station.

At the upper edge of the picture you can see our signal box, from here the trains are briefly described during the presentation.

The signal box was used to switch routes and control trains manually.

After the conversion to 'model railway control via computer' (MpC), new track control panels were manufactured based on the original (SpDrS60), the trains are controlled via the pc.