Who would like to join our railway youth group?

Minimum age 14 years

Our area of expertise is
  • Construction of a modular modelrailway system, gauge I, for visiting exhibitions
  • Maintenance and new construction of vehicles
  • Providing basic knowledge of electrical and electronic control systems
  • Expertise in railway logistics (vocational preparation)

We teach you wood, plastic and metal processing, teach you basic electronic knowledge and reveal the secrets of railway operations. You'll gain extensive knowledge of vehicle science. We will explain to you the importance of railway construction and operation regulations.
The historical and social importance of the railway is our specialty. Joint excursions round off the club life.

Please register at info@mehev.de

Please send us your name and phone number. Michael Koch will then get in touch with you and make an appointment with you.

Youth group meeting
Saturdays from 10am to 6pm