For a better presentation of our layout pictures are necessary. On the following pages you can take an overview about our modelrailway and our trains, i.e. for preparation or afterview of our visit, of course we want to intrigue you. The modelrailway has been modeled after station "Hamburg-Harburg", the Pfeilerbahn and the Hamburg main freight station, for comparing our layout with original scenes there is the section Original & model. Our layout exists more than 60 years and was rebuild several times according to the original. To show the layout in its early times please visit Historical pictures (between 1950 and 1960), Slideshow 1981 and for directly comparision Once & now. Beside the tracks, the buildings and the scenery our trains are an important part of the modelrailway. Preferential we show our selfmade trains, sometimes as old as the layout and technical and optical revised, also other locomotives, coatches, and wagons were shown - but only a part of all. More trains are shown in several sceneries, for a better orientation combined in series Scenery Seevetal, Station Harburg, Pfeilerbahn, Main freight yard, and Hidden yard. New pictures will be added if special revised or new trains are shown on the modelrailway.

Hgb BR50 und BR41