The management of the "Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg" and the "Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte" are currently planning to redesign the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte. At the beginning of 2023, after more than 73 years, MEHEV's historic transport model railway will have to be demolished and rebuilt in smaller premises and in a different form. which will change its previous flair. (see also Report NDR-Televsion and BDEF Report 01/2018(german))

The deconstruction / demolition of the model railway has begun

The vehicles and all 'loose' parts such as buildings are put into storage. The tracks and points are also deconstructed - but this is not always possible...

Level crossing Posten 66
Railway depot Harburg
Railway station Harburg
Entrance of the station Harburg Hnt

Continue on the Hamburg side

Flag stop Elbbrücke
Shed 25 and the "Watussi"
Main freight station without catenary system
Vehicles waiting for storage
Hidden yard
The control electronics have already been removed
Vehicles in the storage boxes