Layout in September 1969

The mainpart of the layout is the station Hamburg-Harburg and the main freight yard Hamburg with the pillar track. The layout correlate to the original in middle of the nineteen-nineties. Newer tracks and other changes in the mean time we couldn't consider because of the areal limitation, i.e. the new tracks of the freight loop line which would lie in the pillar of the room.
in the station Hamburg-Harburg, which is located approx. 10 min by train south of Hamburg main station, there is the conjunction of the following railway sections: from Hanover - Luneburg - Hamburg, from Bremen - Buchholz - Hamburg and from Cuxhaven - Buxtehude - Hamburg. The line section from Buchholz passes in a wide curve the line section from Luneburg, nearby the harburg freight yard they conjunct. Behind the freight yard lies the depot of Harburg. In a short distance stands the station Hamburg-Harburg with its prominent building on the middle platform. Underneath the building of the station there is a fourth platform of the suburban railway (line S3/S31). On the other side of the station the line section from Cuxhaven conjunct, passenger trains to Hamburg main station have to change their direction. With this line section several parts of the harbour could be reached, i.e. the yards in Hamburg-Waltershof. In the background of the line section from station Harburg to Hamburg their is a local freight shed, where small goods reload from track to street. The line section to Hamburg main station now consists of four tracks, two tracks for passenger trains and two tracks for freight trains, and reaches the brigde over the Süberelbe.

The following part of the original line section couldn't re-created because of the available space. Beneath the Süberelbe-brigde several line sections to the harbour detour and the freight yard of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg will be passed. After the junction of Veddel to the freigth yard of the Hamburg Harbour Railway the line section pass the Elbe wtih the Norderelb-brigde.

Now the line section reaches the pillar track with the flag stops Elbbrücke and Oberhafen and also the Hamburg main freight station. The flag stops were ruined in World War II and wern't rebuilded. In front of the flag stop Elbbrücke is a local freight yard, in the backgound is the warehouse no.25, here the goods changes between ship and train. A short way along the pillar track lies the Hamburg main freight station. Here was the yard for all freight trains with express goods to Hamburg. In a freight hall the part-loaded goods were reloaded.

The line section to the freight yard Rothenburgsort and the freight loop line aren't re-created again of the available space. The complete scenery on this layout is out of all recognition: the main freight yard is unnecessary because of the alteration of the goods traffic and the construction of freight loop line in the middle of the nineteen-nineteeth; the pillar track was breakaway in 2008 and replaced by a dam. The area belongs to the new harbour city. Along the tracks there arises apartment houses since 2010.

Beneath the flag stop Oberhafen there is our hidden yard, all trains here are waiting of there next presentation.