Founding member of the

Regular meetings in the workshop
on the 3rd floor of the Museum of Hamburg History

Tuesday and saturday from 10am to 6pm: workshop day

    Repair, extension of the model railway system, repair and new construction of vehicles and buildings.

Saturday from 10am to 6pm: Meeting youth group

    Construction of gauge 1 modules for exhibitions and festivals.

Hamburger Nahverkehrs-Nachrichten
Hamburger Blätter
(Hamburg local traffic news)

4 times a year
Reports about special MEHEV vehicles,
model railway layout sections and other information

In the traffic bookshop WEDE
in the "International Maritime Museum Hamburg" and by us you can purchase the Hamburger Nahverkehrs-Nachrichten / Hamburger Blätter.
The quarterly magazine contains interesting news and historical information about the railroad in Northern Germany and beyond. News from the clubs may not be missing naturally.

The retail price is € 5,50.
The HN/HB can also be ordered from the VVM. (As long as the current journal does not appear in the selection, simply enter the desired journal number in the the comment field).