Slideshow 1981

This slide show was created in 1981 and presented on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the association.

Slideshow from the year 1981
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The Seevetal: on the left the line to Bremen, in the middle the line to Hannover, to the right freight tracks to Bremen
A class E41 reaches from direction Bremen the level crossing shortly before Harburg
On the route from Hanover a local train pulled by a class E44.
The "glassy train" ET491 at the height of the railway depot Hamburg-Harburg drives in the direction of Hannover.
The railway depot Hamburg-Harburg with engine shed, turntable and coaling
"Night shot" of the railway depot Hamburg-Harburg
A freight train is crossing the hump the wagons will be ready for their trains target region assigned.
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A diesel locomotive V60 on the hump.
An aerial view of the Harburg freight station.
View over the railway depot Hamburg-Harburg and the freight yard.
An ET704 catenary railcar is waiting for the next assignment.
Slowly we reach the station Hamburg-Harburg
The Schlachthofbrücke (slaughterhouse bridge) crosses the tracks and Platforms, a class V200 waiting in the stump track.
A class 38 reaches the station Hamburg-Harburg on track 1, on track 3 battery railcar Wittfeld type reaches.
The two trains again from another viewing direction.
A class E69 with local railway scale.
View from the Cuxhaven line onto the Hamburg-Harburg railway station, a class V100 on track 1 with local train.
Intense activity in the station, on track 4 a railbus VT98, on track 5 the "Fliegende Hamburger".
The northern part of the station Hamburg-Harburg, at the back right Overhead railcar ET701.
The "Glassy Train" is waiting for its passengers, in the background a class 60 with double-decker.
The Wittfeld battery-powered railcar waits in stabling track for the next journey.
A TEE railcar VT601 leaving the station Harburg direction Hamburg.
A class 41 reaches the entry signal Harburg a VT98 rail bus on a siding track in the front.
View over the railway station Hamburg-Harburg, middle the road to Cuxhaven leaves to the right.
The northern entrance to the railway station Hamburg-Harburg, the Hannoversche Straße crosses the line to Cuxhaven at the back.
At the Norderelbbrücken lies the pillar railway and the Hamburg main freight station, in the foreground the flag stop Elbbrücke.
A class E103 passes through the Elbbrücke flag stop direction Harburg.
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A class T3 shunts at the Hob signal box.
The "Glassy Train" is in the meantime shortly before the Hamburg central station and meets a class 01, in the main freight station there is a class 45.
A class 38 with a local train passes through the main freight station to Hamburg main station.
A class 60 with double-decker coaches on the pillar railway.
A class E103 drives at the height of interlocking Hw on the pillar railway direction Harburg.
A night train with a class E110 will immediately reach the Hamburg Central Station, while a class 41 with refrigerator wagons through the main freight yard.
An "anteater" of the Osthannoverschen Eisenbahn on a special trip in the Main freight station.
The compartment car train with class 38 awaits entry to Hamburg Central Station.
A last view from the Oberhafen stop (front right) above main freight station and pillar railway.
The layout is controlled in the visible part via the central signal tower, here the Control desks for the main freight station and the pillar railway...
...on the other side the control desks and speed controller for the Harburg side.
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