The tracks from Lüneburg and Buchholz converge in the Seevetal. Since the construction of the goods bypass railway, the tracks of the Buchholz line no longer cross the Lüneburg line, but are already threaded into the Lüneburg line at the level of the former fly over - the wide arch no longer has any tracks today.

Class 402 in Seevetal. The ICE2 has left the outer station and has just crossed the Lüneburg line, then it turns in the direction of Harburg station.
A class 212 with silverlings crosses the Lüneburg line at control point 340 on its way to Buchholz.
Two express trains on their way to Hamburg: class 03 with old building car from Buchholz and a diesel railcar VT11.5 from Lüneburg.
Level crossing over the Buchholz line shortly before Harburg railway station.