Main freight station

The main freight station was used for goods handling for urgent goods in the Hanseatic city; here the freight trains between Harburg and Rothenburgsort changed direction. With the construction of the bypass, the station was no longer needed, the few remaining tracks were used for passenger traffic to and from the main station, and the freight shed of the main freight station very rarely received freight wagons.

Shed 25 between Baakenhafen and Versmannstrasse, the tracks belong to the quay district station 'Kai rechts' of the Hamburger Hafenbahn. This shed was the last shed that still existed on Versmannstrasse, it was demolished in October 2012.
A class 55 with cooling and tank cars is overhauled by a class 01.10.
There are several freight trains in the main freight station, including a block train with tank cars and a block train with refrigerator cars. The SVT 'Fliegender Hamburger' and a series 103 meet on the pillar railway behind it.
View from our signal box to the main freight yard: on the left, series 194 and double traction series 140, on the right tank cars and covered freight cars, on the pillar railway a series 38 with passenger train.
Class 45 waits with freight train in the main freight station for the exit.
Class 50 with mixed freight train (see also above) and Class 41 with fast freight train with perishable goods (refrigerated wagon).
Workers are also employed at our layout on the overpass structure of the pillar railway.
Track blocking signal in the main freight station, in the background the old signal box Hob.
Work at shed 25 is hard, goods are handled here between ship, rail and road.
In Baakenhafen the "Watussi" is located at shed 25, goods are also loaded here.