Original & Model

As a traffic historical layout, the individual areas of our model railway show the state of the prototype in a certain period of time. In the following pictures we show comparisons between the original and the corresponding section on our model railway. Since also a total of 100 years of traffic history are presented, it inevitably comes in individual areas to blends of different periods, for example by the electrification of the main lines or by encountering vehicles of different eras.

The control point 340 at the Bremen track (1990, Jan Borchers) The control point 340 is a bit different for us for structural reasons.
The fly-over of the line section from Bremen over the line section from Luneburg (1987, Helmut Philipp) On our model railway the line section from Luneburg leads in a curve under the line section from Buchholz into the outer station, therefore the southern side of the fly-over is not completely designed
The fly-over from the northern side (1992, Gustav Richard) - the construction of today's line section (right) is almost completed. This conversion was not reproduced in the model, as there was no space for the two new freight loop line in the station Hamburg-Harburg.
A rail bus VT798 waits for the next trip to Buchholz i.d.N. (1979, Stefan Motz) The stump tracks no longer exist since the reconstruction of the Harburg railway station.
A commuter train with class 112 to Lüneburg from the Schlachthofbrücke (1983, Stefan Motz) The same scene on the model railway layout with a class 110.
A freight train with prestressed locomotive Class 50 and Class 44 shortly after passing through the station Harburg (1965, Coll. John Jürgens) On the layout, the trains do not reach the mass that a prestressing locomotive would be necessary... here only a class 50 in front of a freight train.
An express train passes the remains of the Elbbrücke stop shortly before the Norderelbbrücke (1965, Slg.John Jürgens). Despite electrification, the Elbbrücke stop is still a historic element on our model railway layout.
An express train with class 01.10 on the pillar track will reach the Norderelbbrücke (1965, Slg.John Jürgens) The picture was photographed from shed 25, in the foreground the tracks run to the main freight station.
The Hob signal box in the main freight station (1996, Georg Sattler) - the main freight station no longer exists today. The pillar track and Hamburg Hauptgüterbahnhof with its signal boxes Hob and Hw are the second part of our facility.
The pillar track photographed of a night train (1996, Geoerg Sattler) - the Pfeilerbahn doesn't exist any more like this The main freight station runs along the pillar track, this is where most of the goods for Hamburg were handled, this is also where most of the freight trains on their way to northern Germany and Denmark turned.
The signal box Hw in the main freight station (1996, Geoerg Sattler) Behind the Hw signal box, the tracks continue into Hamburg Central Station, a connecting track leads under the pillar track.