Hidden yard

In the hidden yard the tracks lead to Lüneburg, Buchholz and Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof, where the trains are waiting for their deployment during the demonstration.

From the entrance pillar railway and the main freight station, the trains are leaded to the parking groups Buchholz and Lüneburg. A class 50 locomotive arrives at Buchholz from the main freight station, a commuter train with three-axle conversion wagons drives onto the pillar railway.
Overview of the parking group Buchholz, the free tracks on the right are passing tracks from and to the parking group Lüneburg.
The modern trains: InterCity, InterCityExpress 2 and Interregio in the Buchholz parking group.
In the exit group towards Harburg, five trains are waiting to be deployed. The flags are used for video surveillance and show whether a train has rolled too far and could damage other trains.
A class 212 is just arriving from the Harburg Güterbahnhof, a class 78 is driving in the direction of Lüneburg on the lower right.
The class 50 now runs with its freight train in the direction of Harburg, on the lower right a class 01 with Touropa and car travel train carriages is waiting for the onward journey from Lüneburg in the direction of Harburg.
Further tracks of the Lüneburg parking group are located under the entrance to the pillar railway. Here a class 38, VT11.5 and a class 01 are waiting for the exit in the direction of Harburg.