Pillar railway

The rear part of the layout shows the pillar railway and the main freight station. The Pillar Railway has undergone major changes over the years: it no longer exists - it has been replaced by a much shorter viaduct. The main freight station also no longer exists in this form.

At the flag stop 'Elbbrücke' travellers wait for the next trains to Harburg or to the main station. The platform was not rebuilt after the war.
Im Bahnhof III rangiert eine BR80 mit einem Schüttgutwagen
A class 322 in station III below the stop 'Elbbrücke'. Today there are two more tracks to the main station, the tracks of the freight bypass and the tracks of the S-Bahn.
A truck with a coal load on the truck scale.
Workers in railway station III
An excavator is employed at the coal box.
At the overpass, a class 01.10 cross in the direction of Harburg and a class 232 in the direction of Hauptgüterbahnhof (main freight station).
A class 103 with Interregio on the pillar railway in the direction of Hamburg, in the foreground the tracks of the main freight station.
Here a class 01 towards Hamburg and a class 10 towards Harburg meet.
A class 60 with a double-decker car heading for Hamburg meets a class 220 with a conversion car.
A class 110 with F train meets class 19.