Overview of festivities in 2017

1842 - Beginning of the railway age in Hamburg

Special exhibition 175 years railway from Hamburg to Bergedorf

In 1842 - just seven years after the opening of the first railway line in Germany from Nuremberg to Fürth - the first steam locomotive on the territory of the city of Hamburg with only 35 km/h from Hamburg to Bergedorf.
For the construction of the first line in Northern Germany in 1838, the "Hamburg - Hamburg" was chosen. Bergedorfer Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft" was founded. The railway station in Hamburg was located at the Deichtor, the Bergedorfer railway station at the New Way there. The route was 16 km long.
The planned opening trip on 7 May 1842 unfortunately had to be cancelled, because on 4 and 5 May in Hamburg a momentous event occurred which Disaster: The "Great Hamburg Fire" raged for 4 days and destroyed large parts of the inner city. Many homeless people were taken by train to Bergedorf to safety and in the opposite direction fire brigade crews with fire extinguishers. The opening trip was then held on 17 May 1842 without any festivities. and I've made up for it. In November 1842, freight traffic was also started. Now the railroad was able to maintain its superiority over horse-drawn carriages. and Elbe shipping.
The extension of the railway lines was not long in coming. Already In 1840, planning began in Berlin for an extension of the line from Hamburg to Berlin. For this, the reception building of the Hamburger railway station with the track systems. In Bergedorf the new routing made it necessary to relocate the station to the western edge of the village, also still at street level, is required.
On December 15, 1846, the 286 km long Berlin - Hamburger Bahn was built in in operation. The station in Hamburg was given the name Berliner Station. This station fulfilled its function until 1903, when it was used in the framework of the of the major remodelling works that led to the construction of Hamburg Central Station had to be torn down.

World Children's Day

on 17 September 2017

For our little guests we offered a shunting game on the day of the child. During regular passenger traffic, a freight train was to be installed on one of the facilities. manoeuvre - if possible without causing delays in the timetable! Of course we support the dispatcher, locomotive driver and Shunting ladder.

Long Night of the Museums

on 22 April 2017

Also in 2017, the model railway Hamburg e.V. has taken part at the long night of the museums and from 18:00h to 24:00h he has the trains on the layout. and the two of you.