Overview of festivities in 2015

International Model Railway Day on 2nd December

Program on December 2nd, 5th and 6th, 2015

On this occasion, MEHEV had to take the following activities into account visitors on these days in the Museum of Hamburg History on and around Hamburg's largest traffic-historical model railway layout in Gauge 1 (scale 1:32):
  • Under the motto "90 years of steam locomotive class 01", the 4 passenger trains with class 01 express steam locomotives in a special timetable simultaneously in the station Hamburg-Harburg.
  • There were guided tours of the outer station and the workshop. On our large test facility, visitors could see for themselves sit at the digital "speed controller" once.
  • We had decided to extend our existing special shows:
    • Photo exhibition about the nearly 85-year-old history of the club.
    • Showcase with historical vehicles and accessories from the early years of the MEHEV layout in the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte.
    • Exhibition on the 150th anniversary of the route Lübeck - Hamburg by means of photos and a selection of typical trains (models in H0, 1:87)
  • There was the opportunity to acquire historical railway literature and used model railway articles
  • For the youngest railway friends there was a playground in size H0.
We were very pleased about the numerous visitors to MEHEV on the days of the event. Not only the large model layout, but also the exhibits and current special shows of the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte (Museum of Hamburg History). offered an eventful day. For strengthening and recreation there was also the Café Fees team will be happy to assist you. Information about opening and Find the times of the Museum of Hamburg History, the MEHEV-Anlage and the Café Fees you on the website of the museum (www.shmh.de/de/museum-fuer-hamburgische-geschichte)
Download of a detailed info

150 Years Lübeck-Hamburg Route
of the former Lübeck-Büchener railway

Opening on 1st August 2015

The Lübeck-Büchener-Eisenbahn (LBE) was founded on 27th February 1850. and built the route from Lübeck to Büchen, Start of operation was October 1851. On 1st August, 1865, 150 years ago, the Lübeck-Hamburg line was opened. opened. It ended at the Lübeck railway station, on the area between Norderstraße and Spaldingstraße as well as Nagelsweg and Hammerbrookstraße; in 1906, the route was newly built central station extended.
The LBE is known for its vehicles: the new, two-part double-deck coach and the streamlined steam locomotive of the class 60, the world's first to be equipped with a "shuttle train control" was equipped..

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the route opening MEHEV shows 1th August 2015 in a showcase historical photos and typical trains (on a scale of 1:87) from the past decades. At the MEHEV layout demonstrations of the LBE train as a model on its journey over the now historical pillar railway from Harburg to Hamburg.

50 years of electric railway operation to Hamburg

at 6th April 2015

50 years ago, the electric age began with the introduction of the Catenary operation in Hamburg. At the model railway Hamburg e.V. (MEHEV) at the Museum for Hamburg History on 5.4.1965 and at the Deutsche Bundesbahn on 6.4.1965. MEHEV reminded of this with an exhibition and trips with historical Trains on the historical track 1 model railway layout.

Long Night of the Museums

at 18th April 2015

Like every year, the Long Night of the Museums in Hamburg attracted visitors again in 2015. many people interested in culture. More than 50 museums and exhibition houses offered on 18th April between 18 and 24 o'clock a varied program with more as 600 single events.
In the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte the model railway was shown on the 2nd floor until midnight. and also the workshop and the MEHEV archive on the 3rd floor were open until midnight. open for interested visitors.


8th to 10th May 2015

1000 months Modellisenbahn Hamburg e.V. (MEHEV)
Railway and harbour

On the occasion of the foundation of MEHEV 1000 months ago on November 10th 1931 we offered a special demonstration program for this year's harbour birthday under the motto "Railway and Harbour". On our historical traffic gauge 1 layout we showed you parts of the model railway from the Hamburger Hafenbahnanlagen. Kai railway station on the right and the transshipment company at Baakenhafen. In the course of our demonstration you saw freight trains that were destined for the harbour or formed there (harbour hinterland transport). We also showed a special exhibition from the history of the club with picture panels and historical railway vehicles.

On all three days of the harbour birthday an additional freight train brought with it open wagons sweet cargo of 1000 small chocolate bars in the hamburger Main freight station for unloading by the large and small visitors to the five presentations.

The Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte offered on Sunday at 14:00 o'clock and 16:00 o'clock under the motto "Steamship, shed and railroad: Hamburg's development under the sign of the port." Guided tours for Hamburg residents and visitors to the city on the exciting development of the port, has always had a significant influence on the cityscape of Hamburg. And last but not least, it has made Hamburg a central railway location! The tour ended with a demonstration of the model railway layout. There were also further guided tours at 13:00 and 15:00. Special programme of the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte and MEHEV: